The RSL Roof Restoration Process

If you decide you would like to protect and restore your roof tiles, the RSL Roof Restoration solution will only take 1 or 2 fuss-free days.

Please follow our simple 5 step process below: 

roof inspectionA highly qualified surveyor will inspect the roof and loft area to provide you with a detailed survey report and give you helpful advice and guidance.
External OverviewOur team of highly trained experts will give your roof a full external overhaul to realign, Reposition & Replace damaged or missing tiles, Re-point or Re bed Ridge/Hip Tiles and check any existing lead work before masking up all windows, doors and roof lines using clear plastic sheeting.
Roof Wash DownWe will then powerwash your roof removing all oil, grease, lichen, algae, moss and dirt.
Biocidal WashOnce power washed we will then apply a Biocidal wash to kill all pesticides and stop any moss, lichen or algae growth.
RSL Renotec Roof Coating ApplicationWe will then apply RSL Renotec to fully protect and restore the roof tile to its original condition. This is available in a number of different colours and also a clear colour, please see the colour chart page.




On completion of our work, we will leave your roof looking brand new and maintenaince free for over 20 years!


  • 25% off
  • £100 worth of M&S Vouchers
  • 20 Yr Guarantee

For a free quote or consultation, please call us today FREE on 0800 122 30 30